Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Keyboard Guides available for Internet Explorer 7

Change is expected and with technology, it is most certain.

Internet Explorer 7 is available now and, as I’ve cautioned previously, incompatible with older versions of assistive technology. However, we will all eventually switch to the safer and more advanced IE7 whether we want to or not.

The redesign of IE7 has included new keystroke commands that will impact the way users of screen readers navigate the browser. If you want a peek at some of the new keystroke combinationss, go to the post by Kelly Ford on the IEBlog at:

Then, if you want more, check out The Keyboard Lover’s Guide to IE7 at:

I've looked over these guides, and as a keyboard user for nine years, all I can say right now is, ”Oh boy!” (Note that is a feeling of dread, not excitement causing that exclamation mark.)

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