Friday, November 03, 2006

Combatting Autism Act of 2006

The fight for funding for autism research is on-going.

A news article in today’s Houston Chronicle about the
Combatting Autism Act
also contains some good statistical information about the explosive growth in diagnoses of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Does the six-fold increase in nine years documented by the Centers for Disease Control mean better diagnoses are being performed or that there are more children being born with the disease? You and I are not experts, and the only way to find out possible answers to that question is to conduct more research to understand what is going on.

If you haven’t heard of the Combatting Autism Act, , then take a little time to read the article and enlighten yourself. While reading that, note the number of Americans with autism—1.5 million. Yes, that’s accounting for the whole spectrum, but some of these people are or will someday be attending college classes.

If your office’s caseload has not been impacted yet, hang on. I predict the growth in these diagnoses will impact all DSS offices in coming years, no matter what the outcome of the Combatting Autism Act is.

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