Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pending legislation would require restroom access

. What happens to a person whose medical condition requires quick access to a restroom and that person is out at a public business where there is only an employee’s restroom available?

A 10-year old girl with ulcerative colitis is lobbying behind a piece of legislation which will be filed today for review by the next session of the Texas legislature which will address this specific scenario. The bill, would allow people with the girl’s condition or Crohn's disease, who often have medical concerns which require them to gain quick access to restrooms, to use restroom facilities that are otherwise designated “Employees Only” of a business.

The pending legislation will address this concern and, if approved, would require all Texas businesses to allow people who have a pressing medical concern to have access to the business’ employees restroom if no public restroom is available.

According to the
in today’s Austin American Statesman :
“A proposal to be filed today by state Rep. Mark Strama, D-Austin, would have Texas imitate Illinois and Maryland by mandating access to employee-only restrooms for anyone with a pressing medical condition, including pregnancy. Customers making the request would be expected to present a physician's statement or identification card stating the medical condition. “

This pending legislation raises an issue of access which many of us don’t even think about unless a more common bout of stomach distention arises. However, when somebody has a chronic medical condition that makes access to a restroom potentially omnipresent, then there is a need and the legislation needs to be considered and approved.

Texas legislators, when this bill comes before you, please do the right thing.

(Note: The Austin American Statesman web site requires registration to read this article, but the process is quick and painless. The article is definitely worth reading.)

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Anonymous said...

As an individual suffering from from Crohn's Disease... How about access to HOV lanes??