Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New look and a reader question

If you didn’t notice, AccessAbility has changed and made the switch to the new Blogger look. I’m a bit resistant to change whenever a new technology comes along for the very reason that this blog exists—accessibility. Too often, technology will change and not consider the needs of those who use assistive technology, leaving the person trying to embrace the change shut out. In that frame of mind, I have hesitated clicking the okay button for the past several months when Blogger started prompting me about the “New Blogger Beta,” as there is too often something inaccessible in that word Beta. Another reason for my delay is that Google, the owner of Blogger, has not been the most noteworthy of tech companies to adopt changes for inclusion and enhancing accessibility.

I figured that it is now 2007 and enough people have tried the new Blogger, that AccessAbility might as well begin the year with the latest features Blogger offers. So far, it is going smoothly.

You’ll notice that the posts here now have tags to indicate the category that the subject is about. You can click on a tag and see which other posts are related and classified under any particular tag heading. (I’ll be going back and placing tags on each previous post in the coming days to reflect accurate cataloging.))

Another feature the new Blogger allows is easier access to comment moderation. That means the comments needing my attention are easier for me to find. Since enabling comment moderation more than 60 days ago, this site has received 16 comments. However, using the old Blogger program, I did not know they had been posted. Now, when I logged onto the new AccessAbility site, I was immediately prompted that there were 16 comments needing moderation. The reason for originally enabling this tool was to keep spam comments promoting questionable web sites and promoting product sales of unrelated items, which had occurred on a few occasions prior to using the screening mechanism. When scrolling through the 16 comments, all but one of them were spam and I quickly dispatched them to the ether-wasteland.

Unfortunately, because of the time delay in not knowing I had comments to moderate, I was not able to respond in a timely manner to somebody who left a comment and I feel compelled to toss it out here for any feedback. Here it is, verbatim:

“Hello, I am an Occupationa therapist in Fl. with a patient who lost all his fingers. I am looking for a quadraplegic reacher where he can use his wrist to grab things. Would appreciate any assistance in finding a used one as a new one costs $251.00. My patient is on Medicare/Medicaid and this is considered an "item of convenience". Thanks. Joan”
So AccessAbility readers, any feedback to share about resources for a used reacher for a quadraplegic?

Thanks for any feedback and Joan, I hope you’re still reading AccessAbility.

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