Tuesday, March 20, 2007

CSUN conference on Technology and People with Disabilities

If you haven’t noticed, it is time for the 22nd annual CSUN Conference on Technology and People with Disabilities.

Maybe you know all too well that the conference is going on, but due to some scheduling or funding conflict, you aren’t able to attend the highly-anticipated California State University event.

Fear not, as there are a variety of resources to keep you up on the happenings at what is often simply referred to as "CSUN."

As I’ve reported here before,
The website for Equal Access to Software and Information, is going to upload podcasts on the
EASI podcast conference page.
Bookmark that site and check back regularly or subscribe to the feed to keep up to date on the latest postings from CSUN. Also, you might want to check out the previously posted podcasts from last year’s CSUN for some good informational resources, including Learning Disabilities and Postsecondary Education.)

Two credible bloggers are also reporting with current posts from the conference as well.

Jeff Bishop, from the Main Menu program On the American Council of the Blind’s ACBRadio, is posting his CSUN observations on his blog
The Desert Skies.
As a matter of fact, he has already posted his first CSUN entry.
Additionally, if you’re interested in podcasts, Jeff has also posted information about how to subscribe to his podcast feed for more in depth discussion about what he takes in at the conference.

And, finally, Ranger1138, another favorite blogger of mine on the subject of assistive technology, is also at the event and posting to his blog,
The Ranger Station.
Sorry, Ranger, you’re running behind. Jeff’s already posting from CSUN. Better hurry up and log on.

So, if you’re not at CSUN, check out these resources for updates. And, if you have others to share, please leave a reply and share them.

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