Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Serotek unveils breakthrough in assistive technology

Wouldn’t it be nice if a blind computer user could walk up to any computer just like any sighted person and begin using it?

That is now a reality with the latest offering from
As long as that computer has internet access and sound.

That’s it. There is no need for any other screen reading software. Serotek's System Access To Go, or SATOGO, does it all for you.

To make it even a sweeter deal, this landmark breakthrough in assistive technology is absolutely free, at least for now.

When sitting down at any computer, all that the blind person needs to do is open the “Run” command by pressing the Windows key+R. At this, the person will type in and within seconds, Serotek’s System Access To Go will launch and begin speaking. This allows the blind computer user to use virtually any public computer.

There has been a lot of chatter on blind technology web sites over the last few days, saying that Serotek had a breakthrough technology to unveil. The announcement was made last night on the Main Menu program on
ACB Radio.
I usually spend most evenings off the computer and with my family, but last night I made it a point to have ACB Radio tuned in, specifically to find out what this announcement was.

I must admit, I am pretty floored with what the folks at Serotek are offering. I think this innovative application opens a lot of doors, because for now, the program is in a Beta launch and Serotek is making the use of this web technology available free of cost.

There is a registration process to gain access to the application. This gives the user access to the SATOGO program, but also includes 30 days of access to the full features of Serotek’s System Access, one of their flagship offerings. When that 30 day period concludes and you can no longer use their full System Access suite, the continued use of SATOGO will continue free for some time to come. In the future, this will most likely go to a subscription plan, but it is free in the Beta phase.

However, if you are just curious and want to check it out, go to
and type in the word “demo” in the password field. This will give you 10 minutes of access to the program. Take it for a test ride and see what you think.

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Aaron said...

I'm sure I'm not the only one to hope that Serotek is able to make a product that really does all it says and isn't difficult for the general blind populace to learn. A lot of assistive technology companies often promise more than they can provide right away, and that's disappointing. But what can you do?