Friday, August 10, 2007

Useful web site for job seekers with disabilities

There is a good posting on the American Printing House for the Blind’s
Fred’s Head Companion
Web site that deals with job hunting and interview preparation.

Some of the tips are specifically directed towards blind job seekers, but many of these would apply to anybody with a disability. It is one that is worth sharing with any of your students who may be looking to break into the job market soon. What makes this web site valuable is that there is an extensive list of resources including links to several job search engines, all gathered on this one site.

From the sounds of the post, it is one that may also be updated later, so bookmark that page and check back later.

Finally, if you have any resources to offer, hit the email link near the bottom of that page and send in your suggestions.

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Assistive technology said...

Wow, thanks! This is a very useful web site. Finding a job when you have a disability can be so hard. Even if you have it under control yourself, employers hear disability and they run for the door.