Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Rolling: This documentary offers insightful perspective of wheelchair users

Imagine what the perspective on life is like for somebody who uses a wheelchair.

That’s the subject of a new documentary aptly titled

The perspective is authentic, as it was filmed by cameras mounted on the wheelchairs of three Los Angeles residents who agreed to have them affixed to their chairs as they went about the daily tasks of life. The viewer gets to see how life is viewed at their homes, work, the doctor’s office, and general everyday situations. The footage was filmed over a two-year span and was originally more than 200 hours, but has been condensed into a one-hour showcase of life from their vantage point.
This novel and insightful film is slated for showing on many public broadcasting stations during the next month.
(Click here to see if it is airing on your local PBS affiliate.)

I was a little disappointed to see that KUHT, the Houston-area PBS affiliate, was not among that list, as I’d really like to check it out.

However, if you’d like, the documentary’s official web site does have a link that will let you view a fairly long clip of the film , just to give you a taste of it. Do check out the film’s official web site linked above, as it has a few more related links to check out that are useful and informative, as well as information about the film's producer.

A special thanks to the
Disability Nation blog
For the above information.


Irish Brigade said...

A good friend of mine (his name is Sean C) recommended this documentary, as he has been in a wheelchair for 18+ years and said his perspective like many others is that of someone who lives life at "crotch level". Thank you for this information as he was very touched when he heard about it.

Ron Graham said...

Thanks for the feedback.

I also have a good friend who is 30 and has used a wheelchair all her life. From the sounds of it, the documentary captures exactly what was the theme of many of the conversations between she and I about perspective. Hopefully, the film will become popular and share the unique insights and heighten the awareness of the general public.