Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Adventures in Education offers useful student resource

I firmly believe that we are only as strong as our resources. This is true for all of us, but particularly so for students, both with and without disabilities, who are preparing to head to college.

With this thought in mind, I offer a powerhouse resource in the
Adventures in Education
Web site.

The bilingual site offers a litany of information for students, ranging from middle school up through college level, and their parents. There are also links for education professionals.

From the web site:
“From college planning advice to financial aid information to career guidance, AIE has the reliable information students and parents need to make the right decisions for the future. Get FAFSA help and financial aid assistance, learn about college admissions, and search scholarships for free.”

Features of the site include links for calculators, financial aid calendars, and even a text-only version of the page.

One of the common elements of the site is FAFSA. There are links for finding FAFSA related answers, and even one titled, “FAFSA made easy.”

It probably won’t surprise anybody to find out that the site is sponsored by
TG Online,
A service of Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation. While it might explain the drive behind the site, it nonetheless provides a good resource for students preparing to head off to college.

(Thanks to Michael McCarty at
Fred’s Head Companion
For this informative lead.)

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