Thursday, June 12, 2008

New assistive technology blog to share with you

I just learned about a new assistive technology blog that I want to tell you about.

James Bailey’s
Managing Assistive Technology in Higher Education
Blog is one of those “right on target” resources for postsecondary disability service professionals.

I learned of this blog through a news alert about his most recent post,
Faculty Development and Document Accessibility,
Which gives some great suggestions for helping faculty understand just what some assistive technology can do. The post offers the idea that by conducting this type of outreach, the DS coordinator can also open the faculty members’ minds to what the needs of different students are as well. Bailey uses this piece to stress the positive aspects of universal design and shows how this can be implemented by proactive involvement by the DSO.

Even if you are in some other role besides postsecondary disability services, this blog may provide useful information. If you have an understanding or need of assistive technology, then check it out. It is definitely on my list of blogs to watch. I’m adding it to my RSS feeds and to my blogroll.

And, if you like what you see and want more, Bailey also has a personal web site,
where he offers additional AT resources and also promotes his consulting business.

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Thanks for sharing this!