Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Diabetic Days: a good tool for managing lifestyle through technology

Thanks to
Fred’s Head Companion
For tipping me to the following information.

If you or somebody you know is a diabetic, here is a web site you might find very useful.

Diabetic Days
Is much more than just an online community of diabetics. However, that communal link is definitely one of the strengths Diabetic Days offers its members.

Diabetic Days is a new FREE website that allows anyone, anywhere to easily keep a track of their Diabetic life.

• Submit your records via the web, email, or mobile phone (sms).
• Never carry an insulin diary or record book ever again.
• Export & share results with your specialists & doctors.
• Participate in a community of thousands with Diabetics from across the world.

The ability to use online reporting and exporting/sharing of insulin diaries and the like is a great step in involving today's ubiquitous technologies such as cell phones and SMS messaging to manage one’s health. Some very cool innovation, indeed.


Maria said...

Hi! Thanks for the information on diabetics. I work with low vision and blind and have lots of users that have that problem. Can you tell me if the website is accessible for screan readers? I will check it, anyway. Unfortunatly we have a problem in Portugal, for years, the English manuals were not transcripted to Braille, so there's a whole generation that did not learn English. But I will spread the word, anyway. Thank you.

Ron Graham said...

Hi Maria,

I played around on the site, examining the pages, including the registration and found it to be very accessible using JAWS. I didn't register because I'm not diabetic myself. So I don't know if there might be an additional step involved, but from what I saw, there was no inaccessible CAPTCHA. This was a relief.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.


Raj said...

Hi there, my name's Raj. I'm the creator of Diabetic Days. If you have any problems with accessibility or suggestions please feel free to contact me through the website's "Suggestions" link and I'd be happy to look into it for you.