Monday, September 22, 2008

Realization of past week

After reading, posting, and replying to the two comments that were left on the last post, I checked my blog’s Site Meter statistics. That is when I realized that this was something I haven’t done in several days. Its one of those subconscious routines we get into, doing something as a daily course of action that we don’t even think about, but do it almost religiously. I like to see what posts are generating the most traffic, learn where my visitors are coming from geographically, and to see where a post might be linked to.

What I also realized was that this routine was a small and insignificant thing to do in light of the events of the past week down here. It was so insignificant that I hadn’t missed checking any of that information. I’ve been much more interested in keeping up with news and events that affected my community and areas where I have some emotional ties, and not interested in my blog statistics.

In the coming days, as electricity gets restored to more Houston area businesses and households, as fuel stations get more regularly replenished, and as schedules get back into more of a norm, life will no doubt creep back into more routine pathways of completing tasks. That includes my own. For now, with my family, ours is the only one of three homes with electricity, making it a haven of resources, of sorts. That’s okay, though, as it allows more familial gatherings and sharing of activities.

As those points of progress come to pass in the coming days, I’ll be back here more regularly, getting back to the task of sharing resources and news. (And, no doubt, following those oh, so informative statistics.) Until then, I’ve got more post-Ike recovery news to read about as we recover.

See you soon…

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