Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to Access Ability


Like the heading says, this is a blog serving higher education professionals in the Disability Support Service (DSS) field. Yes, it is a public forum where professionals in the DSS field can find resources and news as well as air concerns, brainstorm solutions, and find like-minded individuals to share thoughts. However, students with disabilities, as well as their family members, are also invited to share in the discussions. The goal of Access Ability is to have an informative site where resources can be shared for the betterment of all.

A little background...
My name is Ron Graham. A few years ago, I coined the phrase, “If you’re not including somebody, you’re excluding them.” With the ever-evolving dynamics in technology and the legal rights of people with disabilities, there are fewer and fewer excuses that can be tolerated for not providing accessability to individuals.

Disability Support Services is a unique and specialized profession, one that I know from both sides of the service relationship. I was blinded after receiving a head injury in an auto accident 13 years ago. Following this life-changing event, I returned to college at age 33. I went on to earn my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, Bachelors Degree in Behavior Science, and Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. Granted, I understand the role of the recipient of services from DSS providers. However, I also know the role of the DSS provider as well, as I worked as a graduate assistant in the DSS office at an upper level Texas university for the three years of my graduate program. Most recently, I was the Coordinator of DSS at a Texas community college. While personal circumstances caused me to leave that position, my passion for DSS professionals to keep the focus on service will never cease. This is how Access Ability came to be.

So, welcome to Access Ability, and we look forward to serving our target audience