Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ADHD Awareness Day is Sept. 20

One of the greatest rewards of the DSS field that I experienced on several occasions was helping somebody who felt like there was something going on, but they weren’t sure what it was. After gathering the symptoms, the usual result was a suspected LD or ADHD. The payoff came when the person returned with documentation supporting their newfound disability and they became a client of the office.

With this in mind, I offer the following reminder.

ADHD Awareness Day is September 20, 2006.

As in previous years, ADHD Experts on Call will also return again on that day.

If you are not familiar with that program, ADHD Experts on Call is an educational hot line that allows people affected by ADHD to speak with representatives from patient-advocacy groups, teachers, doctors, school nurses and parents. It is a great opportunity for someone who is dealing with the symptoms but not having a diagnosis to get some input from folks in the field who know what the experience is all about. This might be the very push that helps somebody go out and get the diagnosis. You’ll know if they come in later with their documentation in hand.

The toll-free number is 888-ASK-ADHD (888-275-2343), or you can chat online live with an ADHD expert at
All callers and Web chatters can receive free information about ADHD.

Please share this information with anybody you feel may beneifit from it.

An awareness day is a great opportunity for your office to plan outreach activities. Do you have anything planned for Sept. 20? How about any other day?

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