Saturday, September 16, 2006

AHEAD in Texas 2006 Fall Conference

I have just sent in my registration for the AHEAD in Texas 2006 Fall Conference, To be held Nov. 9-10 at Texas State University in San Marcos. If you still need to register or want more information about the event, then check out the conference web site at:

If you don’t already know, conference attendees get free membership in AHEAD in Texas for the next year. Aside from that perk, this event is the best opportunity to learn the latest trends in DSS and to also meet the professionals providing these services throughout the state.

Being the target audience of AccessAbility includes students with disabilities and their family members, I have a question for you if you are somebody from either of these two groups. Did you know that you can also join AHEAD in Texas?

It is true, and for those who can not make the annual conference, fear not. for you, membership is offered at a reduced fee from the professional members. Parents can join as an advocate member for $25 per year and students can join as student members for a mere $15 per year.

AccessAbility is not stumping for AHEAD in Texas, but simply serving as a conduit of information for those who may not know this information.

AHEAD is the parent organization for professionals in the DSS field. AHEAD in Texas is an affiliate of AHEAD. However, membership in one does not bring membership in the other.

Still, if you want to know what is going on at the state level, AHEAD in Texas is the pipeline of information that can keep you in touch. Membership also brings you into a networked group of professionals serving a common cause.

Check out the AHEAD in Texas web site for membership and contact information.

If you’re planning to attend the Fall Conference, I’ll see you there.

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