Friday, February 09, 2007

Cerebral palsy resource web sites

At my most recent position, I was a little surprised at the number of students on my caseload whose disability was cerebral palsy. There were more people than I had anticipated who were managing the spectrum of impairments associated with this condition Hence, I had to study up on CP and learn more of what to expect so I could better serve my students. My prior experience was limited to knowing only one person who has cerebral palsy, an inspiring young lady and good friend, who was Ms Wheelchair Texas 2005.

If you are looking for a couple of good resources to increase your understanding of cerebral palsy, I offer the following two web sites.

First, the intuitive resource for CP would be the
United Cerebral Palsy
Home page.

The UCP site offers some very useful information for understanding CP and is also a good resource for disability advocacy/rights in general.

Secondly, you should also check out the
Cerebral palsy information

While this site is intended as a resource for K-12 educators, it is nonetheless useful for anybody seeking more understanding about the impairments that accompany cerebral palsy in the education setting.

While these two web sites are far from being everything one would need to have comprehensive cerebral palsy resources, they are definitely good additions to keep bookmarked.

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