Wednesday, February 14, 2007

News: Scooter giveaway, Spinal breakthrough

In my daily scanning of news for anything worth posting here, I came across two items today that caught my attention.

First, The Scooter Store—yes, the same one that you see repeatedly on television promoting mobility—is sponsoring a national concert tour raising funds to fight Multiple Sclerosis. Additionally, The Scooter Store will
give away a scooter
at each of the 53 cities that the tour plays.

The series is the Roger Neal and Friends Sing for MS Concert Tour, a Southern Gospel show.

I figure that I’d mention it here as an informative service. Besides, if you have a student who could benefit from a new scooter, please share this with him or her.

The second bit of news I have today is to pass along something that is pretty groundbreaking. In a recent study, researchers at Johns Hopkins have proven that
the spine can repair itself.
This study has disproven the long-held idea that the spine was incapable of repairing itself. The results of this study are based on clinical trials with rats, but the results offer promise and hope for the many people who have suffered a spinal injury. Only time will tell where this leads.

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