Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lifestyle management service offers promise as assistive technology as well

While going through my daily technology reading yesterday, I came across a service that seems like it might offer some good application for assistive technology, even though it is not marketed specifically in that realm.

On its web site,
pitches itself as “mobile note taking and hands-free messaging.”I think there is some value of this technology by people with disabilities, but am not sure what all of this might include.

On the surface, Jott is about lifestyle management. It lets users send text message as a voice message, which is transcribed and sent on to its destination. Another application lets users send themselves an audio reminder about tasks that need to be done. Users can even print out the text of their voice message when they get home, such as a list of chores their children need to do. One of the strengths the web site touts is the ability to organize and manage one’s life. It puts the power of dictation in the hands of drivers during their commute, letting them send out information in messages up to 30-second intervals. There is even an option to send the message to a designated group of recipients.

With Jott, I can see where a blind person could send a text message to somebody without even having assistive technology to give him access to the text messaging on his own phone. Ditto for somebody who has physical limitations with their hands, they could use voice dialing to call into Jott and then dictate the text message to send out.

All it takes to use Jott is a cell phone and a few minutes to set up an account. Use of the service costs nothing at this time as it is in beta phase. The FAQ suggests that the service will eventually move to either an ad supported web site or offer the service on a subscription basis.

Anybody else have suggestions for assistive applications of this technology?

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Axistive said...

Accidental accessibility is just as good as intentional. Maybe even better, who knows. Time will tell. Thank you for the links.

Ron Graham said...

I’m with you. Intentional or accidental, I don’t argue with something that adds accessibility.

It is like the SimulScribe service I previously posted about. It wasn’t intended to be assistive technology, but by the very nature of the service it provided-- an email or text message transcription of the user’s voice mail—it fit a very niche communication function for people who are deaf.

By posting about it here, it is my hope that more people can look at Jott and figure out more applications where it can serve people with disabilities.

Ballut said...

I never thought of Jott being used to help the disabled. Most of the time, the talk with Jott is integrations with other apps(Twitter, Vitalist, etc). I just recently read about a lady using Jott to record memories of her new born. Too cute! I'm sure Jott will span towards the disabled. They have already hit the business world; creating a business model of Jott( when it's out? no clue). Let's hope for the best!