Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Music Within is our movie

I just read an interesting aside about the movie
Music Within
USA Today.

The article linked above profiles Richard Pimentel, who is the focus of Music Within. The biopic brings to light the role he played in the disability rights movement.

Pimentel returned home virtually deaf after an explosion during the Viet Nam war. What followed after that experience led to Pimentel becoming an activist, which grew and drew more attention to his cause.

What I really like about the brief article is that it illustrates that nobody originally sets out to be an advocate of change. It is a role that is thrust upon you.

As Tony Coelho,the author of the Americans with Disabilities Act, said, “It’s the first movie about the ADA movement.”

For anybody who lives with a disability, this is our movie. Keep Music Within on your “To see” list.


Shelly said...

Any idea when/if this movie will be on DVD or cable?

BTW- I am adding your blog to my favorites...

Ron Graham said...

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for the comment. As for the movie, the
DVD release date is March 1, 2008.
Click on that link and check out a very good trailer of what the movie is about.