Monday, November 05, 2007

Raising awareness about DSS office and services

I just read a good news article describing how a
Michigan community college is accommodating students with learning disabilities.

No, the school is not doing anything earth-shattering or new. As a matter of fact, they are doing the same job you are doing, serving the population of students with disabilities.

The reason I’m linking to it here is that this article highlights the community support that is critical to raise awareness of the roles of DSS counselors. It shows how an alliance with the local media can help spread information about the services offered by your office. Given the need for students to self identify, I believe we all know of students who can be aided by just knowing that help is out here.

What about your office, do you have an alliance with the local newspaper? If not, don’t wait for them to call you; initiate contact yourself. Line up your resources. This might include a student success story like the above article, letting one of your shining stars get some well-deserved attention. Or you might want to begin with news about a new program your office is beginning, then segueing to share more information about your office and what services you provide. Whatever it takes, some good press never hurts to raise awareness, letting somebody learn about your office that might not otherwise know of help that is readily out here.

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