Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Useful guide on interacting with people with different disabilities

A very useful guide to understanding how people with a spectrum of differing disabilities perform varied tasks and how to interact with these individuals can be found on the
For Inspirational blog.

The opening paragraph sets up much of what follows.

“Nearly all employers and human resource professionals are aware of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Yet, how often do you, your colleagues, or the average individual have contact with someone who is visually impaired/blind, using a wheel chair, or profoundly deaf? When you do, how do you react? Interact? Ignore? Assist? Marvel at their ability to move through their environment living full and productive lives?”

“What can you do to put yourself and the person with a disability at ease? Well, this is our purpose here. It is not to attempt to answer all your questions. Rather, to discuss appropriate methods for interacting with individuals who are disabled while squelching many myths and misconceptions. You'll learn what to do and not do, techniques and technologies used for employment as well as in daily living.”

The paragraphs that follow are informative and work to share insight to the world of disabilities. More than focusing on the disability, it emphasizes the individual’s sense of ability, which is definitely worth sharing.

Being that no other source is cited, I’ll assume that the writer of this material was the blog’s author, niki16. However, checking niki16’s profile informs readers that this author writes 159 blogs on a wide range of subjects. A random examination of many of those blogs will show several posts by niki16 as recent as yesterday. So, niki16 is either very busy or has some automated program doing lots of blogging.

I’m not here to dis the author, but to share the useful information. I’m just questioning the source.

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