Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's October so get to raising awareness the United Spinal Association way


That’s not just the cheer for American teams in international competitions. It is also what each of us should be calling out to recognize what the
United Spinal Association
is doing to recognize Disability Employment Awareness Month. They are using the promotion of this to raise awareness about the ADA Restoration Act of 2007. This is definitely good, as there are so many people I’ve spoken with who had not heard of the pending legislation until I brought it up.

The step that United Spinal is taking is a good tool for all of us to remember. Take something that you were going to promote anyways and co-brand an important issue with it. Way to go, USA!

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Anonymous said...

Ron Graham: Thanks for leaving a comment about this post the other day at ReunifyGally. I actually saw it earlier but have had a busy week (full time job PLUS midterm for my class) so I didn't have a chance to link to it earlier. I should be doing that either tonight or tomorrow.