Friday, October 12, 2007

University of Arizona to loan laptops to students with learning disabilities

The University of Arizona, with the assistance of a donation of more than $25,000 from Gateway, is launching a novel program to loan
laptop computers to students with learning disabilities.

The group of incoming freshmen have been identified by their academic need and predicted academic difficulty.

As long as the students maintain a grade of C or better, they can keep the laptops for the duration of their time at the university.

However, what makes this endeavor truly unique is that the students will also attend a class twice a week covering a variety of topics. Subjects will include the campus computer network, computer security, anti-virus applications, campus library computer resources, and training on software, as well as other computer skills.

I would hope that specific computer tools, such as Kurzweil 3000, would be identified to assist each student individually and training be included for them. It may be, but the news article does not specifically say so.

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Molly said...

Great! Wished we lived nearby ... or my son could attend. Any chance of a summer program for high school students?