Monday, October 15, 2007

White Cane Safety Day is upon us

While it is a little late in the day, today is nonetheless National White Cane Safety Day. What is your city/campus/office doing to promote awareness?

As I’ve posted about before here on Access Ability, there is a good collection of White Cane Day resources, including activities planned in the cities of Austin and Houston, on the
Web site.

I’ve been in contact with the webmaster of the web site and discussed future plans of the page. My suggestion is to keep it for a future resource for information about National White Cane Safety Day. It is only logical to keep it. The site already has the common sense web address and the basic blocks of information are already in place. All that would need to be modified are the different events which are being planned. It might even grow to include a directory of several different cities across the country for next year’s awareness day. There is a lot of potential there.

For the last month, traffic to the Access Ability blog has included several web searches each day that included terms related to White Cane Safety Day. There are many people looking for resources as the day approaches. I feel strongly that the WhiteCaneDay.orgsite should continue to build and collect resources to have a potentially mega-resource that everybody can call upon next year.

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