Wednesday, December 12, 2007

LD podcast offers good resource

I just discovered the
LD Podcast
Blog through one of my news alerts. Just looking over the subjects of recent podcasts, it appears very interesting and appropriate for anybody seeking an informational resource for learning disabilities.

The link above is for just the blog, which is how I found the podcast. However, there is a richer and more comprehensive web site, including the same text from the blog on the podcast's home page,

What first caught my eye, er, ears, was The podcast’s Show #72 which featured an interview with Ben Mitchell, Director of Admissions at
Landmark College.
For those who don’t know, Landmark is a college specializing in presenting a postsecondary learning environment for students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

From that firstintroduction, I checked out the blog and main web page much more thoroughly. I haven’t listened to any more podcasts yet, but, like I said, it strikes me as very interesting. And, the main web site is rich in supportive resources.

Additional: The interview with Ben Mitchell is a two-parter, concluded in Show #73.
Also, for trivia buffs, check out the second part, or read the blog to find out who is the most famous graduate of Landmark College.


wsh1266 said...

Hi Ron! Thanks so much for recommending the LD Podcast!

I have done work with the ADA in the past, working for a former employer helping to set up the NFL's ADA access program for the Super Bowl. There's been huge progress since the implementation of the ADA back in 1990, but it's still not perfect, much like the IDEA is still not perfect in making school's flexible enough to deal with people who are not sitting center in the bell shaped curve.

Thanks for all you're doing, and for the mention!

Whitney Hoffman

Ron Graham said...

Hi Whitney,

You’re welcome for the mention. I’m happy to do that.

I think that your work is filling a much needded niche, serving the needs of those with LD, as well as their family members. Additionally, disability service professionals may find it of great value, too. I believe that we are only as good as our resources and I’m glad I found your podcast to add to mine.