Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Texas Tech students seek accessibility

A group of Lubbock students is pursuing an interesting and worthwhile project at Texas Tech University.

The group of four students is proposing that the university make some specific building modifications to make the
Texas Tech campus more accessible
to students with disabilities. The students are emphasizing that one particular building, Holden Hall, be made more accessible. The well presented proposal cites the Americans with Disabilities Act as its support for the merit of such an undertaking.

Not being versed in the particular accessability concerns of the Texas Tech campus, I can not personally comment on the issues raised by the students. However, if the concerns are legitimate, which I will lean towards the students for being accurate, there are some definite needs on the Texas Tech campus.

The students have made a good faith effort to present their case. I wish them well in this pursuit and look forward to seeing the outcome of their work.

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