Monday, August 25, 2008

Disability 411 Episode 56 features interview with Kelby Brick

The latest episode of the Disability 411 podcast is hot off the press.

One of the big announcements is that the web site can be reached with an easier to remember address,

Please make sure to notice the dash in the site’s address. Some address harvester had taken the even simpler to remember domain already, so it wasn’t available. And, if you have a bookmark for the old address,,
don’t worry—that domain still works, too. Beth just tried to make it easier for listeners to remember.

And, no, I’m not plugging the show because it has a guest submission by yours truly. There is some fantastic news in
Episode 56
Of particular interest to Deaf consumers.

This show features an interview with Kelby Brick, of,
Who discusses the latest news in Deaf communication, the ability for Deaf consumers to get 10-digit phone numbers.

If that doesn’t make sense, then check out Episode 56 and see why that is really big news. I think you’ll understand why this communication evolution is another technological step for the Deaf community. For further information about this historic breakthrough in videophone relay signing, check out
Kelby's announcement
on the Go America site.


Greg said...

what voice recognition software would you rec. for autocad?

Ron Graham said...


I’m not sure that any one voice recognition system works better than the rest with Autocad. However, I’ve not had any experience with somebody using this combination, nor am I a user of voice recognition technology , so I’m not sure that I’m qualified to make that assessment.

I’d imagine you have done some internet research and found what I did-- that many voice recognition applications claim to work well with Autocad.

I did come across a post on the
Learn AutoCAD blog
Which was touting a product called

Sorry I don’t have any real insight to share on this.