Saturday, April 04, 2009

April is Autism Awareness Month

Get ready. I’m going to try and get some posting done.

Because it is after April 1, you know I’m not fooling when I say that April is Autism Awareness month.

For authoratative information and resources about this subject, check out
The National Autism Society
Autism Speaks.

Also, for some insightful reflection on what the designation of Autism Awareness Month means to one person, check out the Disaboom post titled,
Can We Get Some Actual Help Here?

As an aside, while on that Disaboom post, go to the comment area at the bottom of that post, and check out the accessible CAPTCHA they offer. The audio is very clear and informative, down to the case of the letters it is asking you to input. It is also missing the bothersome background noise that is too common on other audio CAPTCHAs. I’m not sure if that is working well at screening out spam replies, but I didn’t see any comments posted, so I’ll assume its working. Are you listening to this,

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