Friday, April 17, 2009

A web site especially for college-bound teens with disabilities

One of the issues I try to stress most to high school students I work with is how different college will be for them, as opposed to their K-12 experience. So, you can imagine the smile I got when I found a web site designed specifically for college-bound teens with disabilities.

Aptly titled,
Going to College,
The web site (developed by
Virginia Commonwealth University)
proclaims itself “A resource for teens with disabilities.”

The site breaks down into three primary areas of focus:

My Place – where the student will do some self analysis to identify strengths and learning styles to help in goal setting.

Campus Life – describing what the student can expect at the college and what professors will expect, as well as accommodations and assistive technology.

Planning for college – how to proactively prepare today for college tomorrow.

Its great to see something so unique as this put together. Now, all we have to do is spread the word about it.

(A special thanks to the
Disability Studies, Temple U.
blog for this valuable information.)

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