Friday, April 13, 2007

Library site aware of need to address accessible web content

On a blog named
Library Stories,
Which is targeted towards library professionals, there was a recent post about
Web content and meeting the needs of students with disabilities,
particularly pointing out the need for compliance to Section 508.

The author of that post had the insight to point out that students needing consideration in web content are not only blind, but that list includes students whose disabilities are:

• Blindness / low vision
• Dyslexia
• Deaf / hard of hearing
• Limited Mobility
• Epilepsy
• Cognitive impairments

Whatever trends develop over the course of the coming years, one constant will remain-- students with disabilities will continue to go to college and need accommodations at their school’s library. Accessible texts and web sites are two of the primary concerns that will continue to need to be addressed.


Adri said...

Thank you for linking to Library Stories!

I wish I could take credit for everything on that post -- but I just took notes during a conference session. However, I will say that the session was packed with librarians wanting to learn more about making their resources more available.


Ron Graham said...

With a target audience of disability service professionals, I seek out resources and news of innovative ideas that serve as good models worth emulating. Very often, the posts I write are pieces about reflections of attitudes towards accessibility. That room full of librarians wanting to make their resources more available definitely sounds like an attitude worth repeating.
While you might have just been the reporter, you delivered the message very clearly that these librarians are interested in providing access. Thanks for doing your job so well.