Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Resources for accessible, alternative texts

I want to share a gathering of sources for accessible, alternative texts.

For a broad catalog of texts in the public domain, there is always,
Project Gutenberg,
The “first producer of free electronic books (ebooks).”

Did you know that Project Gutenberg has 20,000 books in its on-line book catalog?

Did you know that more than two million electronic books are downloaded each month from the Project Gutenberg web site?

If you don’t want to download the books individually from Project Gutenberg, you can always do like the New York Times reporter did and pay to get a
CD of more than 10,000 books.
(Of course, you are very likely to wind up like the reporter and have a lot more books than the ones you originally wanted, and many in languages other than that which you speak.)

Additionally, there is also the
Internet Archive,
A web-based warehouse of multi-media internet information, including offerings from several libraries that includes more than 100,000 books.

As an alternative to accessible text, there is also,
A web site providing free audio books from the public domain.

Whichever method you get them, just know that these resources are available for finding accessible, alternative format texts.

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