Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Disability Nation, an audio magazine by and for people with disabilities

I have just returned from the web site for the
Disability Nation podcast.

If you are not familiar with Disability Nation (DN), then do check out their site. According to the home page, DN is “an audio magazine by and for people with disabilities” and covers a broad array of topics related to different disabilities. As an added perk the site does offer email notification to let you know when new shows are available.

In a previous post, I mentioned that it would be interesting to see if the site offered transcripts to their podcast as one reader had requested to ensure accessibility for people who are deaf.

Cheers to Disability Nation as they have transcripts for, not only that show, but also for their last several podcasts available, in either PDF or in Word format.

Good work there, DN.

It is encouraging to see that a service targeted towards an audience of people with disabilities ensures inclusion for all, especially when they are aware that an audience exists that requires an alternative format of their material. If your material is worth producing in the first place, it is definitely worth producing in an alternative format.

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Jake said...

Hi Ron. I just came upon your blog today and was reading your entry on DN. I've been listening to DN ever since it was launched in June of last year, and I really enjoy the content. The shows are very well done. The host, Larry Wanger, also has a link to his personal blog up there which makes for some great reading as well.