Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Some resources for students with ADHD or LD

Here are a couple of resources that might be of assistance for anybody dealing with either Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or a Learning Disability (LD).

The first is a blog, written by a woman named Shane, with a straightforward name, the
ADHD & LD Resource blog.
Shane has some credibility, not to mention motivation, in understanding the subject of her blog, as she is a stay at home mom of a 10-year old son with ADHD and three LDs, and she has tried to gather as much information as she can to understand her son’s needs. As these needs evolve, so does her blog.

Reading over Shane’s postings, there are obvious signs that she is writing about a preteen and his family who are learning to manage his disability. So, you might be asking why I am writing about this blog on Access Ability, whose target is postsecondary students and the professionals who work with them? Easy. In my own experience, I’ve observed that there are many people who don’t learn of their ADHD or LD until adulthood, particularly when struggling through college courses that have become distressing way beyond the coping skills that have previously served to help them compensate. Shane's information and resources can serve anybody with ADHD or an LD, regardless of age.

Shane’s blog is a good resource for both ADHD and LD, but, as she admits, she does draw a lot of information from,
A web site dedicated to being a “parent’s guide to helping kids with learning difficulties.”

The Schwab Learning site is completely searchable, with informational dropdown boxes that include “postsecondary” as an education level, so you DSS professionals might be able to find some resources here that you didn’t already know about. And, if you already know about Schwab Learning, let this serve as a reminder to share the site with your students who could add it to their toolbox of resources.

And, don’t forget to share Shane’s blog with them as well.

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