Monday, September 03, 2007

Dream job survey sparks thought

I found the results of a recent survey interesting and, like all good research, it triggered a subsequent response.

The 2007 Universum online survey polled more than 44,000 college students across the U.S., asking the students about which company they felt had their
dream job.

Okay, that sample pool is broad enough to give some good informational data. Here’s the thought it triggered for me. What about the students with disabilities, which companies would they ideally love to work for?

I feel certain that there were students with disabilities among the survey participants, but did not read anything differentiating their data from the general pool. I think this might be an interesting research project for somebody with the time and resources to conduct, to see how much the realities that come with living with a disability tempers one’s dreams, including the dream job.

I personally know how the impact of a disability can force one to let go of one dream job, but once that happens, new dreams emerge and these dreams allow for the needs that are associated with that disability.

Any thoughts on this?

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