Friday, April 25, 2008

Are we all Web 2.0 crazy?: A blog that is more than it appears

I’ve found another good blog to share with you. This blog's author's name will be familiar if you've read recent comments left back and forth between Ruth and myself.

While it is relatively new and the blog’s title does not indicate that it deals with assistive technology, don’t let it fool you.
Are we all Web 2.0 crazy?
Has recently Jumped feet first into the quest for web accessibility.

Ruth is a librarian at Oxford University…yes, that Oxford…and works with students with disabilities. She has a keen interest in assistive technology and web accessibility. Though sighted, she has recently tackled a few well-known web pages with JAWS to see just how accessible they are with a screen reader.

Check out Ruth’s blog and share feedback on her findings. If you’ve got a site that you’d like Ruth to check out, drop her a comment. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.

While this blog may be new, I find Ruth’s insightful writing fresh and interesting. I’ve got her in my personal RSS feeds so I can keep up with her writing. You can also find her blog on my blogroll on the side.

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