Friday, April 25, 2008

Freedom Scientific updates thumb drive version to JAWS 9.0

Freedom Scientific has finally updated the portability of JAWS. Yes, I’m talking about the USB thumb drive version that allows blind users to run JAWS on any computer that has the video intercept file installed. I loved it when they originally released this, but that was JFW version 7.0, and the computer world has evolved a good bit since then.

First, JAWS itself has evolved two full upgrades since then, and there is now even an update for JFW 9 toJFW 9.0.2152. Also, since that first portable version of JAWS, Internet Explorer 7 launched with lots of new features, and Microsoft launched the Windows Vista operating system.

For my own use, I still use Windows XP and have come to love the tab browsing features of Internet Explorer 7, but when on a public computer with IE 7, the portable version of JFW 7 doesn’t work with the tab browsing. Now, that’s all about to change.

If you would like to download the portable version of JFW 9, and the necessary video intercept file, you can find that information, as well as the latest improvements in JFW on the following link.

Freedom Scientific also offers the following notes on the USB thumb drives:

The JAWS 9.0 and MAGic 11.0 thumb drive releases run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. However, when using the thumb drive version on a Windows Vista computer, keep the following in mind.

It is recommended that you disable User Account Control (UAC) by opening the Control Panel and selecting User Accounts. The thumb drive version works when UAC is enabled, but speech and tracking are limited for elevated programs.

The Microsoft Ease of Access Center loads when you start the thumb drive release on a Windows Vista computer. Once JAWS or MAGic loads you can close the Ease of Access Center window by clicking the Close button or pressing ALT+F4.

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