Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Premiere Assistive Technology becomes Premiere Literacy

There is a new press release , announcing the name change for Premiere Assistive Technology, Inc., in which the new name will be more reflective of the role this strategic assistive technology company excels at.

The new name of the company is
Premiere Literacy.

If you’re already familiar with this company, then you know that they develop assistive hardware and software solutions to assist in reading and writing. The company’s focus of creating solutions that work has always been accompanied by the thought that these are only usable if they are affordable.

The change in name is reflective of a broader understanding of their clients’ needs, which the company has come to grasp in their years of operation, as well as the evolution of technology in the role of literacy. This is also augmented by alliances they continue to build.

This is all perhaps summed up best in the words of Dr. Steve Timmer, the company’s VP of Research,:
"It simply doesn't matter WHY you can't read, whether it's due to a cognitive processing difficulty, a physical vision problem or a cultural challenge (e.g. English as a Second Language). The fact that anyone struggles to read and write means that literacy technologies can help them. That is why Premier Literacy is making it possible for students and adults everywhere to have access to the tools that can make a wholesale difference in their life. With the accelerating shift to a world of digital content, shortfalls in literacy skills are a greater liability than ever before. Literacy in the 21st century has become so much more than just 'reading a book.' Just consider that systems like Google, Facebook, MySpace, wikis, etc. barely existed only 3 years ago. Now think about the future only 3 short years from now. There is a rapid growing universe of content that WILL NEVER APPEAR IN A HARDCOPY BOOK. Literacy skills must now include the ability to not only 'read' content, but to 'search,' 'find,' 'sort,' 'filter,' 'summarize,' 'translate,' 'download,' 'convert to audio,' 'communicate / collaborate online' and 'even publish to the Internet.' Premier Literacy's core commitment is to target our energies and resources to drive innovation in the development of solutions to meet all of these current literacy needs and those that will materialize in the future."

And, to avoid confusing anybody, even though the name of the company has changed, the address for their web site remains the same,

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