Monday, April 28, 2008

Next edition of the Assistive Technology Blog Carnival hits the web

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the barker announced in his resonant, commanding tone. “Step right up and enjoy the carnival!”

Yes, this means that the latest edition of
The Assistive Technology Blog Carnival
is now up and running.

There is a collection of twelve posts gathered there on a variety of subjects. These run from using AT to play computer games to using both audio and eTexts for accessing textbooks. There’s even a piece about a virtual world that was created for people with autism in the Second Life realm.

Go read the carnival and leave a personal favorite in the comments. Also, give some thought to becoming a member of this growing community and submitting a post for the next installment.


Darrell said...

How can this be allowed to go on using a service that insists on a visual only CAPTCHA and has, thus far, completely ignored requests to implement an audio playback alternative? Also, how can people in the disability community continue to promote this "carnival" when a segment of the community is partially locked out?

Ron Graham said...

Hi Darrell,

I understand your concern. I think you know that I share your passion about accessible CAPTCHA.

Did you know that the Assistive Technology Blog Carnival is actually a Blogger blog? While the blog Carnival site was originally offered as a method for submitting posts, the widget that the blog used to allow user submissions via the blog carnival host site has since been removed. That was due to your initial comment about the matter, Darrell.

Lon, the man who began the AT Blog Carnival is just as passionate about accessibility. He posted about the
inaccessible CAPTCHA on the blog carnival host site
on two blogs that he writes and also wrote a letter about the problem to the host. He encourages others to pursue the same avenue of advocacy.

The AT Blog Carnival offers a good gathering place forpeople who use the various types of AT, but should we just ignore the blog because of one misstep by a host site? Especially when the founder is just as passionate about it as we are? I personally applaud Lon for stepping up and doing what he could to ensure that there is an accessible site. He has it hosted on Blogger, which you and I personally know is accessible to us. You can leave comments there or you can choose to email submissions to Lon for the next carnival. There is no longer a link to submit a post through the blog carnival host site.

Don’t shoot the messenger here, Darrell.