Friday, May 23, 2008

ACB Radio's Main Menu to host panel on CAPTCHA, alternatives, and accessibility

I, for one, am very glad to hear about the following information and am interested to see what is coming down on the accessibility front.

Anybody interested in internet visual verification systems, such as CAPTCHA and other solutions, like the accessible ReCAPTCHA alternative, will be interested in the
Upcoming Main Menu program
ACB Radio.

From the Blind Access Journal post linked above:

“We are proud to introduce our panel of experts and their primary areas of focus: “
“* Matt May from the Adobe Systems Accessibility Team will discuss his 2005 W3C note on the inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.”
“* Luis von Ahn from ReCAPTCHA at Carnegie Mellon University will describe their accessible solution.”
“* Steve Dispensa from PhoneFactor will tell us all about an innovative, telephone based two-factor authentication system. “

“Main Menu can be heard on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific, and at 1 universal (GMT) on Wednesday mornings on the ACB Radio Main Stream channel. “

To listen to the show, the link is:

Props go out to Jeff Bishop and Darrell Shandrow at Main Menu for putting together such a well qualified panel of guests to speak on this important matter.

And, I have one more note on this subject:
Hello, Yahoo mail! Hello,! Do you know about this? More than that, do the clowns at the BlogCarnival even care?

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