Friday, May 23, 2008

Congressional opportunities for people with disabilities

I’ve got some worthwhile news to share from the
Day in Washington blog.

The content which follows below is from Day’s blog. I’m providing it here in its original form to spread the word.


Recently, I attended a meeting with Dena Morris, Legislative Director in Senator Durbin’s Office. She wanted to emphasize the importance and need for people with disabilities in Congress. Below is a note from her. I strongly encourage anyone with a disability and an interest in policy to seriously consider her offer. It is a wonderful opportunity and would have a significant impact on increasing the diversity in congressional staff.

From Dena Morris:

Senators Durbin and Harkin are eager to help us change the face of the U.S. Senate, with a staff that better reflects the diversity of the country. Historically, we haven’t done a very good job of finding, hiring and growing people with disabilities in legislative jobs. We’d love your help in turning that around.

We are looking for talented young people, hoping to get started on the Hill, who are willing to learn in an entry level position and grow with the job. Mid-career hires are less frequent, but we’re looking for talent and don’t want to discourage anyone.

In general, we look for are people who are smart, eager and willing to work hard. Political sensibilities are important, along with discretion, judgment and a level head. Communication is critically important, so an ideal applicant will write clearly and be confident and articulate in speaking. As I mentioned last week, you need to be able to juggle several tasks at the same time.

Please feel free to send interested candidates my way and I’ll do my best to either talk with them or help direct them to an office that might be a good fit for them.

Thanks again for your help.


If you feel you are a good candidate for positions on the Hill, or know someone who is, please contact:

Dena Morris
Legislative Director
Sen. Durbin’s Office
202-224-8466 (phone)


Day said...

Thanks for passing this along!

Ron Graham said...


I’m very happy to share this information. I think it is such a great opportunity for anybody who has an interest in Congress. At an earlier stage of my life, it might have been a tantalizing consideration for me. However, even if it is not on my personal radar, perhaps I can help spread this information to its intended population. Better yet, somebody who reads it here gets the push they need and contacts Dena!