Thursday, May 29, 2008

Assistive Technology Blog Carnival is open for business

Greetings, fans of assistive technology.

I’m here today to let you know that the latest edition of the
Assistive Technology Blog Carnival
Is up for public consumption. The best news is that you don't need any tickets to enter the carnival. Better yet, there is no inaccessible CAPTCHA keeping posters from providing information.

This edition of the carnival has entries discussing Natural Reader’s floating toolbar, yakitome, speech synthesis on the Mac OSX, and, my own entry about transitioning between speech synthesizers.

Submissions to the carnival this month were less than last month, but I think that Lon might have it correct that some might have found it to be too limiting to post on the theme of synthesized speech. Next month, though, will be an open forum, so submit your favorite assistive technology entry to Lon at
for the June carnival.

I hope you can join us at the carnival.

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