Friday, February 22, 2008

Accessibility checkers for web developers; WebXact, Bobby no longer available, but many alternatives exist

Being that the Watchfire web tools
WebXact and Bobby are no longer available,
developers of web content who wish to make their content accessible may be scrambling for other methods for checking their pages.

Fear not.

Here’s a list of
25free web site accessibility checkers.
(Actually, that list should be titled 24, not 25, as the first offering listed is WebXact. To be fair to the author of that list, I kept the original number intact .)

The list contains a variety of tools that will aid any developer seeking to be one of the good guys on the web. If your office refers your school’s web developers to WebXact or Bobby, please share this overly abundant list as sufficient proof that accessible content needn’t cost their department any funding.

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