Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SmartNav 4 is hands-free alternative computer mouse

I notice regular traffic to this blog searching for alternative techniques to operate the computer mouse. This prompted me to do some research into these and I located the home page for
A hands-free, ergonomically designed alternative mouse.

From the web site:
“SmartNav 4 allows complete computer control for users interested in ergonomic and assistive technology devices. By controlling the cursor with subtle head movements, a whole new level of independence is realized.”

The device is marketed towards computer users who are unable to use a conventional mouse due to spinal cord injury, quadraplegia, Muscular Dystrophy, or ALS, but is also targeting users with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This assistive technology allows the user to move the cursor across the entire computer screen using head motions that are less than one-fourth of an inch. It includes a virtual keyboard that allows the user to type with the head motions as well. Additionally, it also lets users plug in a clickswitch or or footswitch to alternatively enable the cursor.

And, to answer the big question, the web site has the latest version listed for $499.

I am not endorsing this product, as I've not used it. However, I am writing about it here on Access Ability as a resource for those readers who are seeking this type of assistive technology. However, if somebody who uses this device would like to leave a comment about how it operates, I'd love to hear about your experience.

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