Sunday, February 17, 2008

Accessible Content: A magazine striving for just that

There is a magazine dedicated to IT professionals who work to make their web content accessible.

Accessible Content
Is a magazine whose title says exactly what it is about.
From the “About” page:
“Accessible Content Magazine is devoted entirely to accessibility issues. We deliver how-to articles, skill building exercises, product profiles and accessibility community news to the professionals who create and maintain accessible content.”

A subscription to the print edition is free. (After 60 days, the content is unlocked and made fully available online.) However, if you are unable to read the print copy, there is a method provided to allow you access to the current edition. Just subscribe and there will be an additional step provided for you at the end of that process.

Additional perks for subscribing are the electronic connections provided via the links and URLs listed in the magazine articles, code listings from the magazine, and electronic versions of each article. So, while you may be initially subscribing to the print copy of the magazine, that subscription brings with it plenty of password protected, supplemental online material available as well.

This appears to be just what the web development folks need. Share this post with your campus web development team. After all, your school can’t complain about the subscription fee…its free.

(Thanks to the
Access Technologists Higher Education Network,
Or ATHEN, blog for this useful lead. It was really good to see something new posted on the ATHEN blog. In the past, I’ve often found information that is personally useful there, as well as some other information which I’ve shared here on Access Ability.)

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