Tuesday, February 12, 2008

KeyXL offers online database of keyboard shortcuts

I’ve just discovered a most useful web site for people who use the keyboard instead of the computer mouse to perform their operations. This description applies to people like myself, who use a screen reader to access the computer, but also applies to others, such as administrative assistants who prefer to get their work done without switching back and forth between their mouse and the keyboard.

Is a fully searchable, online keyboard shortcut database.

The site lets you search for many different programs, even across operating systems, to find the keyboard shortcuts to carry out the commands normally done with the mouse. They don’t have every program in the database, but they do have hundreds and they’re all accessible. And, from their own searches, they have not found a larger database of keyboard shortcuts on the web.

(Thanks to Michael McCarty at the
Fred’s Head Companion
For tipping me off to this useful web site.)


keyxl admin said...

Hi there,
Im the administrator of keyxl.com so thankyou for the link.
Im wondering if you could email me at

admin at keyxl.com

I am interested in talking with a member of the blind community about some things I would like to improve with keyxl.com.
And would be grateful for informed feedback.

Rita said...

There are several other sites that have keyboard shortcuts as well


One of them should have the shortcuts of interest.