Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pro-Bank is database of programs targeting youths with disabilities

While looking over some of the searches that draw people to Access Ability, I noticed one from somebody who was searching for online databases. This subject sounded interesting enough to explore, so I checked out some of the query returns and found one that I think merits attention here.

Is a database of programs geared towards youth with disabilities. It isn’t exactly the postsecondary group of students that many disability service professionals interact with, but if you are like I was at my last position, you probably have a good number of high school contacts as part of a transition program. This is a useful database to share with the high school folks and their students.

Below is information about the database from the web site:

Pro-Bank is an online database of promising programs and practices in the workforce development system that effectively addresses the needs of youth with disabilities. Pro-Bank was established to:

• Provide you with easily accessible information about promising practices through a trusted resource;
• Supply you with information that can be used to improve products and services within your own programs; and
• Promote quality program services to youth with disabilities throughout the workforce development system.

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