Monday, February 11, 2008

Blog examines presidential candidates' stance on disability rights

In light of the current race for U.S. President that is underway, I can truly appreciate the effort
Wilbrod the Gnome
Has Put into his recent blog post,
Disability Rights and the Presidental Candidate: An Analysis.

In that post, Wilbrod examines available material from four presidential contenders, three of whom are still in the hunt, as they relate to disability rights. He has spent a good bit of time gathering and sharing the positions Democratic Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Republican Senator John McCain have taken, as well as that of former candidate Mitt Romney, who suspended his campaign last week.

What makes Wilbrod’s post worth considering, is that he is not merely quoting the candidates, but links to the referenced information. It is a very thorough, but obviusly time-consuming effort on his part. (Please forgive any typos, as I believe the depth of content more than makes up for those.)

One point of examination some may want to examine is near the end of the post and looks at how each candidate has approached the No Child Left Behind Act.

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