Friday, February 29, 2008

Jumping into the stream...Light blogging ahead; Campus makes facilities equally accessible

I anticipate light blogging for the next few days. I just received my new tech toy, a Victor Stream Reader, the digital media player manufactured by
The VRS playes a variety of media files, including mp3, wav, DAISY, and will even read documents. It also has a built-in voice recorder. The VRS has been wildly popular among the blind/VI community, leading one friend to recently call it the “iPod for blind people.”

There is a slight learning curve to the device, but I'm also going to load my SD card with some books and audio files to give the unit a good workout. I'll be off swimming in the stream for the next few days.

While I’m gone, here’s something to peruse on this fine leap day.

News about how a Tennessee
Campus made its facilities equally accessible.

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